October 14, 2011

They came beneath the sea

During my many dive trips I learned a lot about different nations' diving habits. Maybe it sounds silly but in my opinion there are some differences based on cultural features. First of all I have to tell I met good and not that good divers from all of the nations. Doesn't matter where were you born you can be safe and skillful diver.

The 'Russian divers' phrase has an unpleasant taste on many boat. There are a lot of Russian tourists in Egypt and occasionally it's harder to treat them. Many of them don't care too much about protecting the coral reefs' animals. In my opinion the cause can be their background: they travel from their cold home country to exotic places like the Red Sea rarely. They want to do everything intensely. They enjoy all the parties in the night, they attend all the trips to Cairo or Luxor, they would buy anything from the souvenir shop and certainly they want to see everything under water. They want to go deeper and closer, they want to touch and feel everything. So I think the dive instructors should teach them the correct dive practices. The another problem is the language: most of them speak only Russian. When they don't join the conversations the reason is really simple: they can't understand a word. But they're basically friendly and nice people, I've already met many decent Russian guys on the boat- luckily I can speak a little of Russian which helps a lot. I hope in the future their attitude will change a bit because we surely will meet more and more Russian divers around the globe as they love being under water as we do.

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