May 26, 2012


After many Adriatic trips some local songs sound really familiar. The Ribari is one of them, I post this version, the singer is Vinko Coce. As I'm preparing for another two weeks long trip to Croatia I like to hear it again.

May 22, 2012


A new "deepest one"...

We spent two weeks in the Adriatic: we visited Montenegro and a Croatian island, Murter. As usual, I didn't plan special deep dives but in the Adriatic it often happens. So we did some dives to 30 meters this time as well. On the last diving day in Murter I joined a group which was led by a really experienced diver, the owner, Kurt. We started to descend. There were two less experienced divers in the groups who checked their instruments too often. I saw we left 25, 30, 35... And in the bottom Kurt showed me a gorgony. I swam there and turned on my torch. I saw as the dull dark grey became bright purple color. I checked my computer, I was at 41 meters depth. We turned back, saw a nice wall with many yellow sponges, and when we ascended to 7-8 meters Kurt asked about my air. I showed I had 100 bars. I saw his grin as he tried to show our buddies had only 50 bars. I showed "no problem". We finished the dive with a safety stop, I saw some nudibranch and an octopus.

On the boat I told Kurt an old Hungarian phrase: "We cry together, we laugh together". It means I don't have any problems if the dive is shorter while I still have plenty of air. I remember dives when I was the one with the least amount of air and nobody blamed me. We had a nice dive anyway. And for me it was deepest in my diving career.

May 6, 2012


It's May again and we're diving in the Adriatic again. This is a new destination for us, se we would like to see more of Montenegro (Crna Gora) above and under water...