September 16, 2011

Top 5 Red Sea liveaboard tips

The Egyptian Red Sea liveaboard trips are really special. The value for the money is incredible, you can join an all inclusive week long trip with 20-22 dives even for 600-700 euros (800-900 USD). The boats are huge (28-40 meters long) and the typical safari boats offer twin or double cabins with en-suite bath, toilet and A/C. Maybe you think a diver can't make a bad decision with prices like this so nearly doesn't matter which trip he chooses. But as a seasoned Red Sea traveler I can make this picture a bit more detailed so here come my advices. Maybe the first questions are: when, where, who?

1. Many people use to say the Red Sea is an all year destination so doesn't matter when do you arrive. Well, the water isn't cold in any season but there are differences. In February in the north you can expect only 20-21 Celsius degrees which isn't comfortable in a 2 mm wetsuit if you plan 4 about hour long dives per day. The winds are stronger so taking on the wet diving suits isn't much fun. In August the water can be 29-30 degrees hot, some divers just pick up their tanks and submerge. If you prefer the lazy warm water dives, travel between June and October.

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  1. Thank you very much for all of your information!! I am right now looking into booking a liveaboard trip to Egypt but can't choose between diving The Brothers or wrecks/Ras M. I am nervous that I may not be experienced enough for the brothers!

    1. The Brothers are more challenging in my opinion. In the summer the Ras Mohammed and the wrecks are great destination. We will go there in August and I expect warm waters and many fish.