September 4, 2011

Just between friends

I was invited to the underwater cleanup of a nearby lake. It was the opening event of an old-new diving center which is run by my friends. They were quite proud of the new location and I saw how much work they did. There are underwater platforms and sights, everything the divers need and most important, a lake. So on this day everybody has the chance to look around and dive. Certainly they were able to see only in the first moments- as they picked up the trash from the mud the visibility became even worse than it was.

But it didn't matter at all. When I arrived to the lake I greeted my friends, I was to happy to see at least a dozen people who I traveled and dived with in the past somewhere and met many new faces. Today I didn't dive just enjoyed the September sunshine and chatting with people who have the same passion as me. By the way, the divers worked hard and made the lake much cleaner. What a great day for us and the nature!

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