November 30, 2014

Diving with vintage equipment

A few weeks ago my dive buddy and me went to a nearby pool to try some vintage dive equipment. In the last few years I bought many items- sometimes the people find old diving stuffs and use to sell them. So I have double hose regulator, fins, wetsuits, masks, etc. Before the first dive we cleaned and serviced the regulator and now we had the chance to make some shots as my buddy tested it.

She is a pretty young lady and luckily I had a sharkskin wetsuit which perfectly fit her. I gave a quite old-style dive mask which is a bit uncomfortable and doesn't have a nose pocket. A pair of vintage rubber fins and a tank harness- we had everything to look like a vintage diver.

She worried a bit as never dived with BCD, but for her surprise it was easier to dive than she thought. I knew she was really good diver but you never know what to expect until you try it. The double hose regulator, a Nemrod model worked fine, she didn't like the mask but confessed the sharkskin suit is better than the one she use in tropical waters.

So we had a nice dive in the pool and I made many photos and videos. Next time we'll try some other stuffs, and maybe invite a few friends. The chance of a lifetime: try equipments which were made before we were born...