About this blog

I think it isn't surprising, this is my personal blog, about my personal diving and traveling experiences and with my thoughts about diving related issues. I try to be honest whenever I write about a place, a diving center, an item, anything- but in my past five years I were invited to places or to try things for free as the editor of a Hungarian diving website. I will always indicate where somebody invited me or gave special discount (especially when I write about a specific business). That doesn't mean I don't write the truth but everybody has the right to know if I wasn't an ordinary guest.

About my entries: well, I don't think these thoughts or reports shouldn't be cited anywhere. I let anybody use parts of them (I hope no one want to mirror this blog) if she or he will indicate the source- please put a link to my site, that's all. Thanks! I use photos which I took and I'll embed photos or videos from another websites. If you want to use any of them please first contact me and I'll answer who owns them.

Thanks for visiting!
Rudolf Gonda