September 6, 2011

A perfect travel companion

When I'm on holiday I can spend a week on a liveaboard boat without internet connection easily. I leave all my problems behind- sleeping, eating, diving is the schedule. Nowadays more and more accommodations and boats offer free WiFi internet and certainly I regularly use it. (If there isn't I don't miss but when I can connect I do...) Usually only check my mails and have a glance on our website but anyway, I need something to browse the net. I found the smart phones too small, and I like keyboard so prefer notebooks instead of tablets.

Notebook? I should say netbook. The trends change too fast, the netbook ruled the world two years ago but now everybody wants an iPad- except me. About a year ago I bought an extremely cheap netbook, an Asus Eee PC 700. The 7" display is small, the internal memory and the SSD drive is small and the whole netbook is small too. Some friends use to laugh on my tiny and slow computer but when I say I spent less than 200 USD on it they say it's a reasonable price. For me it gives the chance to connect to the net and check the usual websites in a few minutes. I can make some basic modifications on my photos before I post them on the Facebook. I would be able to post an entry to this blog. Do I need more? If I'm on holiday it's definitely enough.

I can recommend the older and newer low end Eee PC-s to anyone who want a cheap but working solution. And I have another idea: download the freeware operating system, the Pupeee Linux which has an internet browser and every other important tools. It's small and fast enough even on weak hardware. I'm really satisfied with the Puppeee and I donated some money to the creators. Now I have a complete system. And even better, it's Linux-based which means I'm not afraid of viruses written to Windows when I connect to exotic WiFi services of the world.

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