September 24, 2011

Moving pictures: September destinations

Well, I collected a few nice videos to show how many interesting destinations wait the divers in the early autumn in Europe...

One of the great movies from Rafa Herrero who is inspired by the wonderful underwater world of the Canary Islands- I know, geographically it doesn't belong to Europe but as a region of Spain I can travel there easily.

The exciting dive spot of Crete is a WWII wreck of a Messerschmitt Me-109 fighter plane.

Highlights of the Bodrum peninsula in Turkey.

One of the well kept secrets in the Mediterranean is the Medes Islands. This protected area in Southern Spain has abundant flora and fauna.

In my opinion the Black Sea has more undiscovered wrecks than the other European seas. There were less divers so they found less ships under water, that is reason why we hear regularly about exciting findings from Ukraine, Romania or Bulgaria. This video shows an UB I-type submarine near Varna, Bulgaria which was discovered by BSTD.

A very nice movie about the best dives spots of Gozo island (this tiny island belongs to Malta).

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