October 20, 2011

Sense of the moment

I'm biased towards Csaba and his works. I know him from the very beginning of his underwater photographer career and now, when he's a renowned artist with a lot of awards in his bookcase I'm proud to say he won some of them in our competitions. Since the first notable pictures what he took with a compact camera he always tried to find new ways in photography. I really like his above water works too but the dive photos are especially exciting for me. He has a sense to catch THAT moment to shoot a unique photo. I'm really lucky because we dived together for several times. I saw how did he make them and later I was the first who saw some of the remarkable photos. He is not only a praised photographer, but a buddy and friend of mine. As I said, I'm biased.... You'll understand if you browse his galleries. He's preparing for his next trip to Raja Ampat- hopefully he'll bring some great photos again.

Check out Csaba Tökölyi's works in the Flickr and 500px.

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