October 3, 2011

Paris under water

Paris Hilton is everywhere. Scuba divers thought being underwater isn't attract her as she doesn't able to share her wisdom with a regulator in her mouth. When I saw a series of photos in 2009 where she made an intro dive with his boyfriend (sorry, I can't remember his name and maybe even Paris wouldn't be able to call up) I confess it made cheer me up. Paris was the first person who felt important to wear stylish sunglasses when they were standing in the water before submerging. All of us know her typical smile and basically the scene seemed very typical too except she wore a scuba tank. There were some other photos when she tried to survive under water in 2-3 meters depth but I thought it's only a nice media event from the glamor girl. She's young, sexy, blond and rich, so she gave a try. She didn't have to take up scuba as a hobby and luckily scuba didn't need to take up Paris as a diving celebrity.

Later I saw some new photos from her newer scuba adventures. (I'm not sure if she appeared on them, the mask on the face of that lady covered too much.) When you browse the photos first you think about how did you find them? There are millions of websites which worth visiting, a diver visits pages about exotic destinations, resorts, dive centers and which do I remember? The one where I saw a photo of the celebrity member of our community, Miss Hilton.

I'm trying not to be too sarcastic. I remember what Tiger Woods said about scuba diving: 'The fish don't know who I am.' I imagine what Paris said: 'The people need to know I'm a diver.' Or something like that. Paris and her PR-team use our prejudice when they post those news and photos. What if she really likes diving? If she would be a nice travel companion on a liveaboard trip? Who knows? I think the Paris Hilton who we see in the magazines is not the same Paris when there aren't any cameras. She looks pretty while posing in her wetsuit. Her team knows most of the fans and readers don't know scuba diving isn't that extreme sport, even people in their sixties enjoy intro dives. So the fans feel Paris is special, extraordinary, wonderful and heroic and doesn't matter if all of the photos were taken during a single shallow dive.

We know some celebrities who really adore the ocean and its animals. And there is she who plays the role of the spoiled Hilton-girl. I'm not crazy, I don't say I feel sorrow for Paris who is quite successful in his special profession and doesn't lack my sympathy. (By the way I wish her many nice dives as everyone who share the same passion for underwater world.) I'm just thinking about my relationship with diving. I'm feeling lucky because I don't go under water to play a role for anybody else but to have a great time. Nothing more. And if I'm a celebrity or not I enjoy being under water because the fish don't know who I am neither. (The same apply for our Paris as well, so when she dives she is simply one of us- I love diving democracy.)

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