October 29, 2011

No catfish, no cry

Sometimes you're simply unlucky or lamer. We planned a long weekend in Austria and our first destination was the Klopeinersee in Karnten. This small lake is very popular in the summer as it's warm but the visibility is only 3-5 meters usually.

We planned two dives here. We dived in two buddy teams. I saw some small fish but nothing special. On the surface my friends who dived the same route said they saw a few huge hiding catfish. My buddy and me were disappointed. Those fish had to be so close but we simply didn't find any. We went to the local dive shop and rented two torches. We swam slowly and looked into all the holes. Or at least we thought we did. My friends started to dive a few minutes earlier so we couldn't see them. And we couldn't see any catfish again. On the surface they just laughed on us as they found them again and to help us they made signs from scraps. We couldn't recognize them and we left the Klopeinersee without seeing any catfish.

I forgot these dives until I found a video taken in that lake and realized how large catfish live there. After watching it I felt the same disappointment but on the other hand I had to confess it can be quite frightening experience to meet a giant fish in this murky water. So maybe not those divers are unlucky who don't meet them but those who see any of these freshwater monsters.

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