October 14, 2011

Extreme Nature

I met the name of Bill Curtsinger a few years ago. I got a book with his photos and it soon became my favorite one. The Extreme Nature: Images from the World's Edge was a real surprise as it was full of photos taken under water in extraordinary places like Antarctica or Bikini Atoll. As you leaf through the book you'll see wrecks, special encounters with sharks, marine mammals, salmons and many much exciting moments shot by a great artist. Curtsinger is a photographer of the National Geographic and I'm very excited to see how dynamic and modern photos he took decades ago. His works are inspiring me to look for the new, unique angles and aspect whatever I do: taking photos, shooting movies, writing novels. Sadly I feel my works can't be compared to his but at least I know what is good and what isn't. Sometimes it helps more than anything else.

I recommend to check out Bill's website and the gallery of his above and under water images. And here is a link to the downloadable version of the embedded photo.

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