October 18, 2011

The reason unknown

Sometimes I really can't understand why we dive in certain lakes. The visibility is awful, there isn't too much life, and the lakeside is groaty.

For example there is a quarry a few kilometers to the south from Budapest near Csepel. You can reach it after driving few minutes on a dirt road. When I was a beginner I joined a group of divers and for my surprise I saw there aren't a toilet, a place to kit up, any necessary buildings. But there were trash: the people from the nearby houses brought the garbage to the shore or into the lake. I went under water and I couldn't understand why do I dive here, it's a waste of money and time. There were a friendly girl who finished her course and two ladies who made an intro dive. I still can't imagine if there was anything what they could call 'nice experience'. Above and under water this lake saddened me and I had no more illusions about diving in Hungary.

However I made one of my most memorable photos there. The lady who were getting dressed in the water which was covered with plastic bottles and bags became a symbol of the divers' holy foolishness for me.

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