August 24, 2011

An old-new experience

I spent a few days in Croatia. I go there often but usually in the spring when I need a bulky drysuit. In August I used a simple wetsuit and enjoyed the warmth of the water during extended safety stops in the shallow. It was cold in the depth as usual, 16-17 Celsius degrees but the end of the dives was nicer than I expected. As a beginner I had summer trips to the Adriatic, but I forgot all the good things- until last week.

We saw the typical things when we did a shore dive or went to a wall. I especially like the style of diving in this small village in Pag island: the boat rides rarely longer than 10 minutes. Just meet short before the dive, fast equipment check, a brief ride on the waves and jump. Who else needs more? Oh yes, I have to mention the nice buddy, she was more important than all the above because let me dive in my own calm, lazy style and kindly posed as my underwater model. And after a few dives you can make some remarks in your logbook of caverns, reefs, sponges, octopus, cat shark egg, nudibranch and certainly the great buddy who I dived with for the first time but hopefully not for the last... I was really happy to see this kind of Croatian Adriatic again, I had awesome time with friends and felt the enjoyment of a typical holiday diver. Maybe I'm one of them- lucky me, am I right?

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