August 28, 2011

The first question

There are many essential things in the exciting science of diving. But somehow the people usually remember only one thing before their open water course. There are some common mistakes (e.g. pure oxygen in the tank instead of compressed air), some typical but useless questions ('How long can you stay under water with a single tank?') and the one which seems so exciting for many beginners: 'Can someone really pee in the wetsuit?' I think my instructor heard it a hundred times so he just smiled: 'Yes, you can- but you shouldn't, especially during the pool practice!'

After a few years in diving I smile too but on the other hand I can think about the importance of this issue. To pee or not to pee? Sounds like a philosophical problem: you can do it- but would you be able to do it? Well, when I was a beginner I joined an organized trip in Tunisia. We went to a small wreck, the water was warm, everything was nice but after 30 minutes I felt the uncomfortable urging at my hip too. When we were about to finish I hesitated what to do. I didn't pee in my suit, but sadly we hadn't back fast to the shore and dive boat was too small, there wasn't a toilet. At last the skipper started the engines but I knew it would take 20-25 minutes to reach the harbor. Even worse, the dive center was in a garage where nobody built toilet. So I made the fastest checkout in my life and started to run to my hotel. To be in the cozy toilet of the room was one of the memorable moments of our holiday. So I learnt sometimes in diving the question is not about possibilities but needs...

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