August 17, 2011

Is diving sexy?

If we think about the wet t-shirt scenes of Jacqueline Bisset in The Deep the answer is definitely yes.
After many dives with photo or video camera I realized there are some people (mainly women) who simply look better under water. (Ok it doesn't mean only sexy, they can look simply cool or charming.) I don't know the reason but it's not related to their surface look. Doesn't matter if they aren't so slim, doesn't matter the face (the mask and the reg cover a lot). The big eyes will look nice if I make a portrait but usually the models are not that close. And some of them swim and move a special, more natural way, they seem to feel so comfortable under water. They look cool in a wetsuit. They are the people who can wear pink or bright yellow mask and fins and they won't seem funny but stylish.

So diving does some of the lucky buddies better suit. But it's okay for the other ones too: they can make nicer photos or videos if this kind of diver appear in them.

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