March 26, 2012

The friend of sharks

Recently a friend won a very prestigious award: the Best of Show picture in the Beneath the Sea international contest. Because he already won many major awards I decided to write more about him.

Daniel Selmeczi is Hungarian as me, a young man from the town Szolnok who fell in love with diving a few years ago. He started to take photos and his talent made him one of the most renowned underwater photographers in a few years. Despite his age he isn't concentrating only his own career but helps the other photographers with advices. He helped our Red Sea shootout as the owner of the Cassiopeia boat, and worked a lot as the main organizer of the last National Underwater Photography Contest too.

Certainly he still travels and dives a lot and certainly takes awesome photos. He visited many distant destinations to shoot photos of sharks. As all of the divers, Daniel worries for sharks and writes articles about the cruel shark finning, and with his pictures he can show how wonderful animals are they.

If you're interested in his photography art, I recommend to check his website:

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