March 13, 2012


I remember the preparation for my deepest dive. It was in Croatia, we dived a wall near Pag island in the Adriatic Sea.

With my long time buddy we discussed how and where would we dive. I think before a deep dive it's quite useful to agree the maximum depth. The descending wasn't special, but from 25 meters depth we checked our instruments and each other more often. When both of us showed "OK" signals we went deeper. My goal was to control the dive even at the deepest point so I decided to stop when my computer shows 40.0 meters and stay on this level. I succeeded, I confess I was proud.

Anyway I didn't feel I was a special a diver because I went a bit deeper than usual. Although it was years ago I never felt since then I should go even deeper. Maybe I'm older, safer diver or simply learned I can find many cool things in shallow water? Who knows? Anyway, that 40.0 is still a milestone for me. I've reached the limits of my certification, and enjoyed it. I was able to do it.

And that's all. Sadly I can't remember if we saw any special but those numbers on the display of my computer. There are too much more spectacular things under water so I remain a shallow water diver and need to check my depth rarely...

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