April 20, 2012


My 100th blog entry about my 100th dive. I confess I had to browse my old dive log because I simply can't remember anything about that dive. It says: 22.03.2004., Egypt, Hurghada area, Shaab Sabrina, 11:58 AM, Bottom Time 58 minutes, Maximum Depth 19 meters, Water Temperature 23 Celsius degrees. It was a drift dive. There aren't any remarks about special sightings.

So I can't share any memories about my feelings regarding the 100th dive. I'm usually not the man of big celebrations. Certainly I knew this can be a milestone: when I was a beginner, 100 dives seemed incredibly much. When I passed this mark I was experienced enough to know, it's only a number, nothing else. I recall those times when we traveled to Egypt in the winter. Although the weather wasn't that fine we enjoyed diving in the chilly water- we thought about the differences between frozen Hungarian lakes and the 21-23 degrees water of Red Sea and this relatively cold water made us really happy. We usually booked a hotel room and went to dive with daily boats.

A few years later I go to Egypt only in the summer and I prefer liveaboard trips. Not the 100th dive changed everything but the experiences. I remember a trip when our group was big enough to rent a whole daily boat. We decided where to go, when to start and what to do. There was a night dive and as we sailed to the dive spot in the sunset we sat on the upper deck. I'm sure all of us thought about the same: why should we go back to the shore? It would be much more fun to stay on the boat while we're mooring near a reef. On those trips we couldn't do that, but nowadays I do whenever I have the chance...

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