January 22, 2012

The first dolphin

I'm not too lucky with the dolphins. I saw them many times on the surface but I wanted to dive with them. After a dozen Red Sea trips I went to the Dolphin Reef in Eilat and at least I had 30-40 minutes long dolphin experience. It's wonderful but my goal was to see some free wild dolphins under water.

We went to a Safaga liveaboard trip a year ago. We dived the Tobya Arbaa while another group headed a reef 300 meters away. They came back and said a lone dolphin joined them on the dive. We didn't believe. We felt it wouldn't be realistic to expect the dolphin on a second dive but we gave a try. In the first ten minutes we dived above a quite unhealthy coral garden and saw nothing. But then the dolphin came... And it really swam with us during the whole dive. Exciting, beautiful dive jut because a friendly marine mammal. I made some photos but mostly I enjoyed being there.

Later a third group is went back to the same place but they didn't encounter the dolphin. So this time I was the one of the lucky divers. Everything can happen if you don't give up the hope...

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