November 19, 2011

A pool dive

We spent two hours in a nearby water theme park. This place is certainly more popular amongst children or families than divers. As everywhere in the world the scuba diving is one of the ordinary water-related activities in Hungary too. There is a small dive center, where divers can rent tanks, weights, basic equipments and sometimes they organize try dives. There aren't too much pools in Budapest where they allow diving, this theme park became popular really fast. The divers like it because the water is warm, clear and there are shallow and deep pools as well.

I use to go directly to the deeper pool: in 4 meters depth it's much more fun to practice, it's better to shoot test photos, and so on. This time I met two friends who tried their new equipments before a liveaboard trip in Egypt. It was a good idea: one of them tried a borrowed DIR-system wing which seemed way too big for her, but it can be modified. The regulator leaked, the o-ring of the pressure gauge could be the sinner. Luckily she has a week to make it repaired.

For me it was one of the typical pool practice dives, I refreshed some basic skills and attached a new harness to my travel wing. And I made my usual underwater panorama photos: the clear water let me to shoot them. Nothing special happened but it was nice to be under water for a while. After the session we had a nice discussion, the divers easily find the common topics. I needed this relaxing Saturday pool dive simply because I'm tired and I don't know when can I travel somewhere...

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